May 27, 2010

I told you mother, you shouldn't have done that.

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful pair of clogs. Super high, super wooden-ish, super everything. They were the Super Clogs. One horrible day my mother said "this are so outdated now, I'm giving them away". Myself, the victim in all this, try to warn her of all the horrible things that could happen if she throw those away. She didn't listen...
Years later Karl Lagerfeld made a collection and BAM!!! there they were again; the clog is back.
Now my mother and I are mourning the loss of the super clogs. Lost forever in eternity. RIP.

While we mourn, we like to lust after this ones right here.

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1. Chanel Clogs
2. Jeffrey Campbell Snick
3. Satin Daisy print Miu Miu Clog
4. Studded Platform Brown/Red Miu Miu Clog
5. Celine Wooden Clogs
6. Diane Von Furstenberg "Ode" Clog.

I want one and it's like NOM NOM NOM NOM

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