Jun 21, 2010

Panama is not ready for this.

Except for moi and Ana Gabriela (MY BESTEST FRIEND I LOVE YOU MORE THAN KAKIS HIMSELF), not one single person I showed this DSquared beauties likes them.
Seriously, what's not to like?!! Ugh people are just plain boring here.

source: jak&jill, seaofshoes. 


  1. I LOVE THEM... Panama is ready for like nothing, womens here dont even like a pair of Louis Vuitton spicy heels from spring 2009. Dont worry i understand you, i feel like that everytime i say i want a pair of silver shoes

  2. Whaaa? I am in love with these shoes!! You're right, they're just not ready... But they'll come around! :)


  3. that has been my favorite collection of Dean & Dan in many season, I just adore how they mixed the film noir theme with the modern gore with all the glamour featuring a classic such as Frankenstein, the last gown worn by Carmen Kass was just #epic & the one Chanel Iman wore (except for the fur coat) was also marvelous, I just can't stop loving those D's.

    OH BTW
    my blog is
    I'll instantly add you to my blogroll :)

    PD: I don't know if you are just like me, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE details & and those veins where the tip of the iceberg!


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