Aug 5, 2010

The 50’s are back!


cacharel d&g louis vuitton fendi giles isabel marant   prada Francesco Scognamiglio paul smith

There is so many things that make the 50’s so special. I can’t begin to explain you guys the immense love I have for this decade. I spend SO many hours listening to Frank Sinatra and Elvis, it’s actually insane.

I don’t know why I love it so much.
I’m sure that in my past life (one of many) I live my teens on the 50’s and then the 20 somethings during the 1960’s.
And, well of course, added some stuff…I was James Dean girlfriend. Ejem. Yeah.
James Dean is my long lost love. He and Marlon Brando fought over me but my heart was with Jimmy. Nice story.

Anyway, the 50’s were full of beautiful and amazing women that today are icons of beauty and elegance.
Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe. Grace Kelly. Ava Gardner. Bette Davis. Lucille Ball. Elizabeth Taylor. Sophia Loren. Katherine Hepburn. Natalie Wood. Eva Marie Saint. And many others that I can’t remember.

50’s fashion: swing and pencil skirts, curves, enhanced waists, cleavage, scarves, pullovers, gloves, diamonds. (Marilyn, you know it)
Women dressed smartly and very elegant, not like the sloppiness we on the streets today, yikes.
An hourglass figure was a MUST. That’s why bolero sleeves and cropped jackets were so popular.
In the evenings silk gowns with sweetheart necks, gloves and diamonds were the way to go.

NO SLOPPINESS. Do you get that?!
So nice.

Best Movies: Roman Holiday and Rebel Without A Cause.
I’ll share something with you.

Live on James Dean.


1. Cacharel
2. Dolce & Gabbana
3. Louis Vuitton
4. Fendi
5. Giles
6. Isabel Marant
7. Yohji Yamamoto
8. Miu Miu
9. Mulberry
10. Prada
11. Francesco Scognamiglio
12. Paul Smith


  1. oohhh I understand that feeling!!!! love the way u write! just to let you know, that I like your blog very much! its the first time i read it...well done :)

  2. LOVE high waisted pencil skirts!

  3. oye te quedo muy buena la diagramación gráfica de este post!


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