Jul 23, 2010

Azzedine Alaia heavenly shoes.

source: style.com, jak&jill, seaofshoes.

There is something about an Alaia shoe that is just oh so inviting to me. They have this...warm in them. For some unknown reason I think they are warm. They have the hippie-ish vibe no? (is that just me?).
I just know that when I saw those wedges on Jane Aldridge many toughts of me snatching them of her feet in a very violent way came to my head (nothing againts her really). Definetly one of her best pair of shoes.
And then Tommy Ton and Jak&Jill appeared with the other ones up there, and everytime, I let out a BIG FAT SAD SIGH.
Then I told mother "Can I have some Alaia's?"
She said "what's that?
I said "Oh my Godness, how do you dare to call yourself my mother?!"
And she said "because it hurt"
And that's that actually. This subjects makes very sad and emotional.
Alaia's please come to my life. I promise I will plant 100 trees. Yes that's right.
Now let's go bananas with this beauties.

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